Adaptive Manipulation in On-Site Construction Robots 

MconneX video highlighting LIVE research in developing adaptive on-site construction robots.

Avoiding Buried Utilities and Excavation Accidents 

MconneX video highlighting LIVE research in excavator pose monitoring for excavation safety.

Automated HVAC Control Based on Sensed Comfort of Occupants

MconneX video highlighting SICIS-led research in dynamically adjusting a room’s temperature based on sensors worn by physically-active building occupants.

Improving Construction Safety with Augmented Reality

MconneX video highlighting LIVE research in Augmented Reality visualization for excavation safety.

Improving Bridge Safety

MconneX video highlighting UM research in improving the safety and effectiveness of bridges through wireless sensor communication.

Visualization Research at LIVE

This video presents a brief summary of research conducted by members of LIVE from 1999 to 2011.