Augmented Reality

Our group has significant expertise and experience in georeferenced augmented reality, and its applications in construction, civil engineering, manufacturing, transportation, and other engineering domains. We design and assemble our own mobile augmented reality platforms for both indoor and outdoor visualization. Our laboratory has also developed several software libraries that run on our computing platforms and implement the ideas developed in our research.

Outdoor Augmented Reality Platforms:

Augmented Reality Mobile OpeRation platform (ARMOR)

ARMOR is a modular mobile hardware platform designed for user position and orientation tracking, and augmented reality display. ARMOR is our second generation hardware prototype for outdoor augmented reality tracking, registration, and visualization. ARMOR improves our prior prototype in four aspects: 1) rigid placement and full calibration of highly accurate tracking devices; 2) lightweight input/output devices and external power source; 3) intuitive user input and interaction; 4) load bearing vest design for even weight distribution.



ROVER is our first generation hardware prototype for outdoor augmented reality tracking and registration. It is mainly composed of 1) tracking devices such as the AgGPS 332 RTK GPS rover and TCM 5 electronic compass module; 2) input/output devices such as the i-Glasses SVGA video see-through head-mounted display, and Fire-I digital firewire camera; 3) interaction devices such as the WristPC wearable keyboard and the Cirque Smart Cat touchpad; and 4) an on-board power source.